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Product description

An e-booklet designed to help you understand the steps to take to register your Spanish baby born in Spain within the various administrative systems; in order to access maternity and paternity benefits, get the baby a Spanish citizen's ID number, get any passport needed for travel and secure ongoing public healthcare for your child. Includes clickable hyperlinks to all online application and registration webpages.


Suitable for:

Understanding the paperwork process for Spanish babies born in Spain (when one or both parents are Spanish)


Topics covered:

  • Registration of birth with Spanish Registro Civil
  • Empadronamiento in Spanish Local City Council
  • Public Healthcare Access in Spain
  • Maternity/paternity pay from the Spanish Government
  • Spanish Passport
  • Foreign Passport (babies with dual nationality)
  • Spanish Domestic ID - DNI
  • Spanish Social Security
  • Troubleshooting and Extra Resources


PLUS: 2 weeks of after-support by Baby On Board Spain available for FREE after purchasing the Guide.  If anything is unclear or you require extra clarification on any steps, don't hesitate to get in touch!*

*14 day after-support period starts from the day after purchase.


About the Author

Lynette Moore is the owner and founder of the company Baby On Board Spain, which provides maternity services in English for expats having babies in Spain.


Lynette is a British expat living in Spain since 2012. She gave birth to her son in Madrid in 2017, and successfully went through the process of birth registration, obtaining his Spanish ID documents and passport, getting her baby registered for Spanish social security benefits, securing maternity and paternity pay, and obtaining ongoing public healthcare access for her child.


In order to compile this book, as well as pulling from her own personal knowledge of baby-registering processes in Spain, she has gathered a wealth of data from parents of Spanish and other nationalities, from official government websites, and from legal experts providing baby registering services in Spain.

Language: English

Downloadable PDF: 20 pages

Year Created: 2023

Price: 34,99 EUR inc IVA

Guide to Registering Your Spanish Baby

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