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Prenatal Consultation

pregnant mum mom and doctor

Before your baby comes, do you need information on only some aspects of labour, birth, postpartum, and new baby care?  For example:

  • chosing where to give birth

  • making sure your birth plan is complete

  • managing pregnancy discomfort

  • recognising signs of labour and knowing when to go to the hospital 

  • understanding how to cope with pain in labour 

  • thinking about what to kind of birth you would like to have and understanding your options

  • feeling confident in how to care for your newborn (feeding, sleeping, bathing etc..)

Whatever information you want to clarify before giving birth, we've got you covered!

How it works


One to one sessions with our midwife to answer specific querries

Online from the comfort of your own home

1 hour duration




Contact us to discuss your needs and book

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