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About Us

Lynette Moore


Owner & Founder

Hi! My name is Lynette and I am British, and the mum of 1 little boy who was born in Madrid. 


Before having my son I attended prenatal classes in Spain, where there was not only a language barrier between myself and the midwife, but also a lack of information on avoiding birth interventions, and little focus on the needs (especially emotional) of the mother after birth. Everything was about the baby! Finally, there was also a cultural barrier between myself and the other (Spanish) mums-to-be.

Afterwards, I realised that as well as not understanding some of the complicated medical terminology, I also didn’t know how to best prepare my mind or body for the reality of what was to come. 


Finally (and crucially) I missed out on finding 'my tribe' of mums who could support me (and vice versa) after birth, as we entered the crazy ride of new motherhood.

I also noticed that after having my son there was a lack of support available, in English, to assess me and my baby and answer my doubts as a first time parent.

What comes after having the baby is an amazing time, but it can also be confusing, challenging, and lonely (especially when you are far from home and don’t speak the language). 


With the desire to create an inclusive, informative, and friendly space for new parents, I have designed pre and postnatal services for YOU and your partner, to cover exactly what I, and so many others, have missed.

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Sara Barrero Herrera

Midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)


Hi! My name is Sara and I’m from Madrid.


I am a nurse and midwife specialized in obstetrics and gynaecology. 

For the last 6 years I have been working as a midwife in areas of prenatal care and education, delivery, and postnatal care in different Public hospitals and health centres in Madrid.

I enjoy and have experience preparing parents for childbirth and postpartum, and I really enjoy supporting them after they have their babies. 

Additionally, since discovering how amazing and complex breastfeeding and lactation can be, I decided to specialize as International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with the aim of giving mothers and their families the best breastfeeding attention and advice possible.


I am very happy to be part of the Baby on Board Spain team.  I feel privileged to be able to accompany foreign women (and their partners) in pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and lactation in Spain.

Caroline Dempsey 


Hi! My name is Caroline and I’m from near Dublin, Ireland.

I am the main midwife leading the Prenatal Course and Consultations. And I
also assist new parents in postnatal visits.


My professional experience was first as a nurse, before working as a midwife in areas of prenatal care and education, delivery, and postnatal care for many years, in a very busy Irish maternity hospital.  

Giving birth to 2 children myself in Spain has enabled me to understand the local system and, on a personal level, really empathise with the mum and her partner giving birth here.

I also really understand the challenges that can come from bi-cultural parenting.


As well as prenatal, I am also particularly interested in breastfeeding, babycare, and postnatal care.

I am super excited to be involved with Baby on Board, as new parents are my passion. I absolutely love helping and guiding them during this special time, and I really value the need for empowerment with knowledge. I love enabling parents to reach autonomous and informed decisions, and to arm them with the confidence to advocate for themselves, during this precious (but challenging) time in their lives.

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