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Group Prenatal Course

Why choose us?

Make friends for life

Having friends who speak the same language and live locally with babies of a similar age is invaluable during the early days.  We only provide courses for English-speakers, and we make sure everyone’s due dates are around the same time to ensure companionship and support when it counts! 

Top quality teaching in English

Our Prenatal courses are taught by midwives who are either bilingual or native English speakers and are experts in pre and postnatal care.  This is to ensure the information you receive is up to date, evidence-based, and that nothing is lost in translation!

Modern approach

We believe it is super important to consider all the ways you might want to give birth and look after your baby, and teach it in a practical and non-judgemental way, so you leave feeling confident and calm about your choices.  

In-Person (Central Madrid) or Online 

Our classes are dynamic, inclusive, and friendly whether you are attending virtually or in-person. In person, our usual location is in Barrio Salamanca. 

Tailored class sizes

We have a maximum of 9 couples per course to ensure the class is intimate enough to feel comfortable when participating.

Continued support

During the course, our friendly and supportive experts are more than happy to answer your questions or talk you through any concerns.  We are also able to offer support for after the birth (such as sleep, lactation etc..) for after baby is here.

The 'BOBS' Booklet and Baby Registering Guide

Included in the course are the 'BOBS' booklet (Baby On Board Spain) and the Baby Registering Guide! Our carefully written guides to having a baby in Spain, registering the birth, and getting essential documents. Our Booklet and Guide tackle essential things to know before becoming a parent and include useful links for further reading. Mobile friendly and easy to understand, they are the perfect addition to our course and a great resource to use during the confusing newborn period.

Covered by Many Insurers with Reimbursement Policy
Have a private healthcare policy?  Check with your insurer if our course could be covered!  

We offer 2 types of Prenatal course, depending on your needs:

The Full Works:
This is a 5 session prenatal course to teach you and your birth partner everything from how to know you're in labour and when to go to hospital, what to expect and how to cope in the birth.  Plus how to care for yourself mentally and physically after, and how to care for and feed your new baby.  With a fully organised social event at the end!

Recommended for first-timers or not first time but wishing to revise any aspect of feeding/baby care/postpartum.

Birth Only
This is a 3 session prenatal course to teach you and your birth partner specific techniques for how to manage labour and birth. You are also welcome to join our social event at the end.

Recommended for second/third/fourth time parents who are only interested in wanting to understand how birth can be different here in Spain and/or prepare for a different type of birth experience this time around (e.g VBAC).

When to start?
We recommend starting any time from 24 weeks pregnant and finishing by the time you are 37 weeks (or 34 weeks if expecting twins or multiples). 

How to do the course?
Whichever course you chose, it can be done in-person in Central Madrid or online. Even if attending only online, you are very welcome to attend our in-person social event!

Our course schedule is:

Pregnant belly

Session 1:
Pregnancy & Labour

  • Final stages of pregnancy and what to expect in your body, mind, and from your healthcare providers

  • Preparing yourself for labour and postpartum (hypnobirthing, perineal massage, pelvic floor)

  • Early signs of labour, and coping at home 

  • When to go to hospital

  • What to expect when you arrive at hospital

  • Coping with labour: breathing and different types of pain relief 

baby being born caesarian

Session 2:

  • What to expect at each stage of labour

  • 'Straightforward' vaginal birth process

  • Labour interventions (inductions)

  • Birth interventions (Ventouse + forceps delivery, caesarean section - planned + emergency)

  • Immediate assessment of the mother after birth

baby asleep on back

Session 3*:
Newborn Care & Feeding

  • First days of the newborn

  • Neonatal care babies

  • Going home and the early weeks with your baby/babies

  • Practical skills: Dressing, nappy changing, bathing, nail cutting 

  • Calming and soothing a crying baby

  • Safe sleeping

  • Getting started with breastfeeding

  • Establishing a good milk supply

  • Positioning and technique

  • Managing common breastfeeding problems and when to seek help

  • Expressing milk- when, how, why

  • Bottle and formula feeding

    * Only available if booked onto 'The Full Works' course.


mum mom kissing baby

Session 4*:
Postpartum Care of the Mother


  • Postpartum care

  • Going to the toilet and how to care for stitches, sore perineums

  • C section wounds

  • Your recovering body - what to expect

  • Your emotional health

  • Your relationship

    * Only available if booked onto 'The Full Works' course.

mums mom group opening gifts

Session 5:
Social event

Whilst the pre and postnatal information provided on our course is essential, we also place huge importance on the social side of things.


We want you to leave your course feeling connected as a group, fully informed, relaxed with each other, and ready to take on this new stage of your lives together.


So our 5th and final session is a social event where we book a space in a central Madrid eatery so you can chat properly before babies arrive, get to know eachother better, and exchange contact information if you wish.

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