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  • At what stage of pregnancy should I do the Prenatal course?
    We recommend starting any time from 24 weeks pregnant and finishing by the time you are 37 weeks (or 34 weeks if expecting twins or multiples). This will ensure you have completed the course before hitting ‘term’ (after which your baby could arrive at any minute)! However, this is just a guide, so please get in touch if you would like help choosing your course date. Taking the course in your second or third trimester will also ensure you have time to start connecting with other parents-to-be in who are at a similar stage. While you might not think this is a super important part of attending our course, we can assure you that these connections will help you (and your partner) form an invaluable and lasting support network during your early days, weeks and years as a new parent in Spain.
  • Why should I take Baby On Board classes instead of the classes provided by my local health centre?
    Health centre classes may be tempting because they are free! However, 5 things to take into account: 1) They are usually run by midwives who only work in the doctor’s surgery and may not be up-to-date on current hospital practice. All our midwives are up-to-date on current healthcare practices relating to the realities of giving birth in Spain in 2023. 2) Classes will be taught in Spanish which is likely to be a challenge even for fully bilingual parents and may result in missing crucial information due to language complications. All our classes are taught 100% in English (although we do provide translations of medical terms when we think it will be helpful), by either fully bilingual or native midwives. 3) Health centre classes tend to be very large, less personal, and more likely to cover the basics without going into much detail (especially about baby care or the postnatal period - which is actually where many new parents struggle the most). Our classes cover all periods of before and after baby, plus we have a maximum of 10 couples to avoid you getting lost in the crowd! 4) These classes may be delivered in a less- than- interactive way that allows you to remember all-important information (even if you fully understand it). Our classes are delivered with a midwife giving an engaging visual presentation, and we practice practical skills together like birth positions, breathing, nappy changing and feeding. 5) Lastly, and very importantly, since most of the other attendees will probably be Spanish (and with already formed local support networks) you may struggle to make friendships and form lasting bonds. In our classes you will have an already formed friendship group who speak English and are at the same stage. Your bond will be reinforced in our end of course Social Event, and you will stay in contact via a dedicated course WhatsApp group. Baby On Board classes offer up-to-date information, tailored class sizes, ongoing expert support for after baby comes, information delivered 100% in English, classes taught by midwives with local healthcare knowledge, member interaction, and a ready-made social network so you can make lasting friendships to support you in new parenthood (and beyond)! The most common complaints that we, at Baby On Board Spain, hear by parents who did the free healthcare classes are that they had issues with language and comprehension of important information, and they didn't find it an environment conducive to making friends! Which is why we made our classes 100% DIFFERENT!
  • What happens if I miss or cannot make one of the Prenatal group classes?
    All our Prenatal course classes can also be attended online. Otherwise we encourage you to read up in the relevant section of the 'BOBS' booklet course guide for the information that will be covered that week and ask any questions to the midwife during the next class.
  • What happens if I deliver early and cannot finish my course?
    If your baby is born early (37 weeks for singleton babies or 34 weeks for twins or multiples) and you have not attended ANY classes, we will refund you the full course amount. If you have attended some of the classes, we will work with you to provide any missing course content that may still be helpful retrospectively. If this is not helpful, we will work with you to see if we can offer any postnatal support in lieu of the Prenatal content. Aside from this, no refunds can be issued for cancellation by a course participant (within one month of the course start date) for babies born at term, although Baby On Board may, in its sole and absolute discretion, offer a pro rata refund (as applicable) in certain exceptional and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Can partners come too?
    Definitely! We welcome partners - whether it's the father, life partner, birth partner, family member or friend. Support is a very important part of this process and perhaps as foreigners here in Spain your family may be far away so we want to ensure your partner on this crazy ride is as involved and informed as possible. This is so that they feel prepared and confident to help you during birth and care for the new baby (or babies) like a pro! That said, you are also extremely welcome to come alone.
  • Can I eat during the classes? Do you provide refreshments?
    Yes and yes! You are welcome to bring your own snack and bottle of water and eat/drink whenever you need to. We also always have a break halfway through the class where hot and cold refreshments (including caffeine free options) and snacks (biscuits and fruit) are available. If you (or any partner attending) have any severe dietary allergies please make us aware when you book.
  • Do I need to bring anything to the Prenatal classes?
    An open mind, a bottle of water, snacks (although we do have catered breaks), and a cushion if sitting is uncomfortable! Furthermore, in the sessions related to labour and birth we also ask you to bring a yoga mat (or large towel) and a cushion to practice partner massage and birth positions.
  • Is the course cost covered by insurance?
    In many cases, if you have an active insurance policy with an option for reimbursement and no exclusions for maternity services, our course cost may be covered (in full or part)! We have had success with various insurers but it mainly depends on the ins and outs of your policy (rather than who the insurer is). It is best to check directly with them in good time before booking (as sometimes it can take a while to get confirmation). If they say yes, you pay for the course and we issue an invoice which you can submit to the insurer for reimbursement.
  • Can I secure my place on the Prenatal Course by paying a deposit?
    We are more than happy to accept a small deposit to secure your place on one of our Prenatal courses, with the balance being payable two weeks before your course starts. In the page for your chosen Prenatal Course you will see more info on how to hold your place with a deposit.
  • Why do you run the course intensively?  I would prefer a more gradual option.
    We have trialled running the course in a one month format during our first year of business, and although it does allow for more gradual absorption of the information, what a lot of people told us is that it's often difficult to make the evening sessions because of work (or travel, or other commitments). Also, we know that the pregnant mum is often more tired in the evening than during the daytime over a weekend! Lastly, if we run it over a one month period it means you have to have started the course no later than 33 weeks (to complete it before you hit term at 37 weeks). In making the decision to run it intensively we thought a lot about the social aspect, but we feel that our parents still bond in this way, and we are dedicated to forming and maintaining those all-important bonds in the course Social Event and with the dedicated WhatsApp group for course participants. Plus, we have many Pregnant and New Parent events running throughout the year, so there are lots of chances to meet! This last point about making friends is something we are extremely passionate about because we know, from experience, that being a new parent in Spain can be a very lonely ride! And we want no mum (or dad) left behind!
  • What if I have already had a baby (or 2 or 3!) before? Should I still take one of your courses?
    Yes! We often have people attending the courses who already have children. By attending a course as a second/third/fourth time parent you be able to make a brand new group of friends at a similar stage of pregnancy, talk over previous birth experiences with our midwife, refresh your baby care and feeding skills, and learn some new ones! If you think the full course isn't for you, you may prefer our Birth Only course to address any differences in the health system here, or advice for how giving birth to this baby could be different to previous experiences (for example, if you are hoping for a VBAC, or if you have been told you will need a a caesarean this time around and the previous birth/s were vaginal). You may also consider our Prenatal consultation service if you only have some questions on pregnancy, labour, recovery and the newborn stage this time around!
  • When is your next course?
    We tend to run the Prenatal Course every 2 -3 months. The best way to stay updated is to sign up to our newsletter (bottom right of homepage at
  • What happens at the social event and why do you arrange it to take place before the babies arrive?
    As our teaching sessions take place in the evening and are full of information, this does not leave as much time for socialising as we would like! But we feel it is very important for you to have time and space to connect with the other parents in the group (before babies come and life gets trickier for a while!) to enable you to build a support network for after your babies are born. That is why we think it is beneficial to organise a social event before your baby arrives, so you get the opportunity to socialise and swap contact information with your Prenatal group before life (and baby) makes it complicated! So we book a table in a central Madrid eatery and provide a fully organised social event so you can chat and connect over tea, coffee and cake in a relaxed environment.
  • What if I don’t have the time or prefer not to attend the group classes but I still need Prenatal advice?
    We can provide personalised information to you via our Prenatal Consultations, this may include some or all of the course content, depending on your needs. Please see the the Prenatal Consultation page for more information.
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