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Postnatal Visits

Visits during the first weeks after birth, to check mum, baby, and partner.


Just had a baby and want a checkup? Let us come to you!

After birth, the last thing you want to be doing is leaving the house to attend lots of checkups that could be done at home!

You want to rest, recover, and bond with your baby. And for someone to come to you and assess you both (and answer all your questions) from the comfort of your own home.

For these reasons, we offer midwife home visits in Madrid to check on the physical and mental recovery of mum and partner in the early weeks, answer all your questions, and assess the progress of baby.

What Happens During a Typical V


Mother: Check any perineal stitches or C Section wound, check and change wound dressing, assess uterine involution and general physical and mental state. Check birth recovery (bleeding, perineal comfort, constipation etc..). Assess feeding (breast, expressing, formula feeding, mixed), and advise.


Baby: Check baby is feeding well (wet/dirty nappies and general hydration), assess newborn conditions like jaundice, milk spots and more, give care advice, check umbilical cord stump etc…


Father/partner: Check how dad is doing after the birth, and answer any questions on how partners can best support mum and take care of their new baby!

The first visit usually lasts around 90 minutes. Subsequent visits may take less time.


We would advise the first visit is done in the first week of baby's life in order to address newborn care and feeding doubts asap, check the mother's recovery, and be sure that both parents are coping with their new roles.


In any case, all visits are intended for use within the first 4 weeks

Visits are performed by a qualified midwife (special
ised in all manner of postpartum care as well as feeding issues in newborns). 

If you have private healthcare, these visits may be eligible for a reimbursement by your insurer.  Always check with the insurer before booking. 

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