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Breastfeeding Masterclass 


Are you having a baby soon and wondering how to get started in order to have a successful breastfeeding journey?


Are you wanting tips and tricks for a pain-free experience?

Perhaps you are having twins and want to know if and how you can excusively breastfeed 2 babies at once?


Do you want to know what common feeding issues could arise and how to troubleshoot, or how and when to express for the first time?


Whatever questions you have around breastfeeding, this class is perfect for you!


In our hands-on live masterclass, with demos, you will learn everything important to leave you feeling confident about how to breastfeed your new baby or babies when they arrive!

How it works

     Masterclass, in a small group, with our midwife

      In-person (Puerta de Toledo, Madrid) or online

     2 hour duration


     €90 per person

     Contact us to book

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